A round of applause goes to iBet cashback

iBet has done it again; iBet cashback bonus gives players money to boost their bankrolls If they lose on the slots!

Why is everyone talking about the iBet casino cashback bonus?

That’s an easy answer. For slots fans – this is for you. iBet online casino gives you 0.2% on turnover from your spins as a real-time cashback and 5% from your net losses daily. The Instant iCash cards show much cash you have and how much you can claim. To get iCash – be sure to opt-in from your rewards page.

Why iBet offers a cashback bonus

By offering the iBet cashback deal, the casino hopes that you will play for longer and spend more money. For iBet, cashback is a small price to pay to keep a customer happy. It’s all about giving their customers great value.

iBet cashback bonus – what’s in it for you?

For the player, taking the iBet cashback deal means you can moderately refill and stretch a depleted bankroll. And you can still have the possibility of some cash prizes and even win a jackpot. So, in many ways, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.


What you need to know about how iBet cashback works

To join in iBet cashback bonus program, visit the rewards page and activate instant cashback. Instant cashback is calculated on 0.2% of your total casino stakes. The more you stake, the more cashback is made. iBet cashback is a daily cashback bonus and gives you 5% of real money losses. And only real money can be used; the bonus does not apply to bonus money.

Learn about which iBet games generate cashback?

iBet cashback bonus is restricted to slots. Table games, live casino, and games in other categories are not allowed. Click on the ‘casino’ tab on iBet’s landing page and go to the slots titles. There are around 20 games excluded from bonuses; please check on “Bonus Terms” to make sure which ones you can choose.


iBet cashback requirements explained

iBet cashback is for slots only, and happily, cashback cards will display how much cashback the user has generated and is eligible for – no sums needed. Players must use real money to qualify for daily cashback; bonus funds are excluded. You get 5% of real money losses on daily cashback, calculated as follows: casino stakes minus returns.

Maximum collectable iBet cashback amount

The limit on collectable iBet casino cashback bonus amount is $400. You must redeem it before you can generate more. If you keep playing and generating more cashback money, you can go back and redeem the money multiple times a day.

Minimum claimable iBet cashback amount

The minimum claimable instant cashback amount is $10. The rules for the bonus are easy to read and clearly laid out with nothing complicated. It’s essential to read the iBet online casino cashback bonus terms and conditions.

Can iBet cashback be generated from bonus money?

No. iBet cashback bonus is a promotion; players can’t use bonus funds on another bonus – real money only! Bonus money is not real money until all the wagering requirements are cleared; after that, the winnings become real money.


Four easy steps to claim an iBet cashback bonus

iBet online casino bonuses are some of the best in the industry, and the cashback promotion is not to be missed. Below are four super-easy steps to get you to iBet’s cashback.


First – search, click and sign up for iBet Canada

You can get into iBet via any secure search engine. The site is gorgeous and easy to navigate. The signup button is big, red, and hard to miss – click and wait for the registration form.


Step two– filling out “The Registration Form”

iBet registration form is quick and straightforward to complete. Make sure all the required fields are filled in with accurate details – this is important for when you want to withdraw winnings.


Step three – choices, choices

If you choose to accept the iBet welcome bonus, you must clear the wagering requirements first. When you’re ready to play slots with real money, head off to step four.


Step four - finally

If you choose to participate in the iBet cashback bonus rewards program (why wouldn’t you, it’s free money), visit the rewards page. Then simply activate the Instant Cashback under the eligible rewards section. From here, go to the slots, and apart from the non-eligible games, start having fun.